Feature your own work on Spayneville for the world to make!

Calling on all budding designers and model makers:

Here's your chance to be part of this major community project: building the entire dark town Spayneville for worldwide fans of modelling and collectibles!
Your contributions are pivotal to the growth and development of Spayneville.

Spayneville will come complete with roads and signboards. If you are featured, you will have a character and building named after yourself!

Here's how you can enter:

Step 1: Design and build your own paper craft model of your own Spayneville building. All file formats are acceptable.

Building base has to fit to dimensions 6 x 6 cm, 6 x 12 cm or 12 x 12 cm
Building must be compatible in terms of scale to The Butchery

Step 2: Come up with a story behind the building.

Step 3: Submit your entry to summerson84@yahoo.com in the form of a .PDF file, together with a picture of the model.

Designs will be hand picked and featured.

If your model is featured, it may very well be made by and sitting on the desks of thousands if people globally! So get started on those photoshopping skills.

DISCLAIMER: Content may not be suitable for the young. Spayneville is a fictitious small town.
Spayneville is not meant to be affiliated or representative of Payneville, Kentucky in any way.
Any resemblance to people or actual buildings and places is purely coincidental and not intended.