The Origin of Spayneville by Junyang

Small town Spayneville, founded 1893. It flourished and grew
with the hardwork of its early inhabitants.

Spayneville quickly established itself as a retreat and sanctuary for the broken, with it’s scenic backdrop and friendly townsfolk.

“Spayneville’s where you wanna spend your last days,” they used to say.

All this changed in the year 1954.

It first began with the men, with the wives noticing a marked predilection to violence in their husbands. Then it came to afflict the women and the young.

Noone knows why it happened. Some say that evil came upon the town with the setting up of the coal mines up north in the same year.

The deeper they dug, the darker the hearts of the townsfolk grew.

Strangely, some of the inhabitants were spared from this madness.
Word has it that they tried to flee their homes, but none ever made it to the outside world.

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DISCLAIMER: Content may not be suitable for the young. Spayneville is a fictitious small town.
Spayneville is not meant to be affiliated or representative of Payneville, Kentucky in any way.
Any resemblance to people or actual buildings and places is purely coincidental and not intended.