The Butchery by Junyang

Daniel Meddings owns Spayneville's only Butchery. His father was Spayneville's butcher, and so was his grandfather.

When he was just a child, he witnessed the unspeakable. He did not understand the rage that overcame his father that night back in 1957. He only knew that after that night, he was all alone.

As he grew up, he struggled to escape his past, but found himself to be slowly changing. His fear for violence gradually turned into embracement.

On the darkest of nights in Spayneville, screams can be heard from the Butchery. Sometimes they were his own, but most of the time, they were not.

Download the PDF to build Daniel Medding's Butchery

DISCLAIMER: Content may not be suitable for the young. Spayneville is a fictitious small town.
Spayneville is not meant to be affiliated or representative of Payneville, Kentucky in any way.
Any resemblance to people or actual buildings and places is purely coincidental and not intended.